Monday, June 17, 2013

Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus, Third Edition (Encyclopedia of Visual Medicine)

Diabetes mellitus is an extremely common disease that is reaching epidemic proportions owing to major increases in the incidence of obesity and the propensity for a sedentary life. The need for physicians to familiarize themselves with all forms of diabetes is essential and the Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus goes a long way toward making the task easier for both qualified physicians and those in training.

“I am unaware of any other illustrated text with the breadth and scope of Dr. Scobie’s An Atlas of Diabetes MellitusI have no doubt that both my students and I will find this book useful for many years to come.” — Robert A. Rizzo, M.D. “This book offers a concise review of diabetes mellitus enriched by a section containing over 100 striking and interesting illustrations. The most outstanding feature is its extensive section of illustrations. Of the many interesting illustrations, those worthy of special note are photographs of patients with rare syndromes associated with diabetes; a practical guide to diabetic supplies and absorption profiles for various insulin regimens; a series of fundus photographs of various stages of diabetic retinopathy; and sections on diabetic foot and skin complications. The illustrations are an excellent aid to the visual recognition of diabetes-related disorders and confirm the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Although the broad subject of diabetes mellitus is concisely reviewed, some important topics are either omitted or under-represented. This book makes a unique and worthwhile contribution to the diabeticliteraturetargets a wider audience and offers probably the finest ensemble of diabetes-related illustrations available.” – Nicholas P. Sauter, MD, University of Chicago Medical Center, Doody’s Reviews.

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Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus (Encyclopedia of Visual Medicine Series) 

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