Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Medical Complications of Kidney Transplantation

With color illustrations throughout, this book analyzes the implications that transplantation and immunosuppression can hold for patients. Discussing the many complications that may occur after kidney transplantation, this source is a must for anyone caring for patients recovering from this type of procedure.

The book is elegant in design, with easy-to-read print and generous use of well laid out graphs, figures, and color illustrations. Especially useful are the numerous clear histopathology micrographs, which are placed proximal to their attendant text (although a few referenced arrows that were not present). Complex treatment algorithms are elucidated throughout the book with flow charts-an excellent feature.

This book provides an important addition to the armamentarium of renal transplantation. It is an extremely useful reference-good for all who participate in the care of renal transplant recipients. Indeed, considering the global reach of the complications of immunosuppression and renal dysfunction, it should be valuable for all involved in the transplantation of any organ.

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